Are you called to serve God?

Are you called to serve God and through the Catholic Charismatic Renewal?

On 12 December, 2015, the NSW Service Team for the CCR gathered together with Fr. Hugh Thomas CssR, our Chaplain, and others involved in CCR ministry to pray and discern the direction we felt God wanted to take the CCR in 2016.


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New Ministry of Professional Counselling

New Ministry of Professional Counselling at CCR Centre, Rozelle, NSW. Counselling nurtures wellbeing. It assists a person to resolve life issues resulting in personal growth and Development. Counsellors do NOT prescribe medication nor do they counsel clients with issues beyond their capabilities. The role of the Counsellor is to teach the person to change erroneous thinking patterns, help them develop life skills and change undesirable behaviours so that they may experience a psychologically healthier, spiritually richer and more productive life. Counselling does not involve Prayer Ministry.

Evangelii Gaudium and its Challenge for the Australian Church

This morning we reflect together on the challenges and possibilities presented by Pope Francis’ first apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium. I want to approach this landmark document through two lenses in particular: first, the pastoral reality of the Australian Church at this time and, second, the potential of lay movements in which many find a compelling charism and new forms of spiritual living.

Message from Pope Francis to Pentecostal Leaders

The attached link will forward you to a 45 minute video of a gathering of Pentecostal Leaders at a Kenneth Copeland Ministries Event. Kenneth Copeland invites an Anglican Bishop to speak to the leaders about his meeting with Pope Francis. It concludes with a video message from Pope Francis to the Pentecostal Leaders. The NSW Service Team recommends viewing