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Retreat - 28th Jan 2017
Retreat - 28th Jan 2017
Retreat - 28th Jan 2017
Retreat - 28th Jan 2017
Retreat - 28th Jan 2017
Retreat - 28th Jan 2017
Retreat - 28th Jan 2017
Retreat - 28th Jan 2017

November 2017 -Voice of the Spirit

 Once again, the time has come for us to celebrate the birth of the Messiah. As you know, our primary sources for this event are the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels of Luke (Ch.1&2) and Matthew (Ch. 1&2). These are actually two very different Christmas stories that cannot be readily reconciled. Let us briefly consider them both. In order to properly appreciate Luke’s account, we need to understand the world into which Jesus was born. Augustus was emperor in Rome and, under his wise and benevolent leadership, the Empire was at peace and prospering. Roman fleets had cleared the seaways of pirates, and Roman garrisons had ensured against civil unrest and protected the highways from brigands. Certainly there were the poor, the marginalised and the oppressed in this world but, all things considered, this was a ’Golden Age’ and pretty much “as good as it gets” - at the purely human level.


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August 2017 - Voice of the Spirit

Golden Jubilee... Rome... Overview Report
The worldwide Catholic Charismatic Renewal gathered in Rome to celebrate its Golden Jubilee. More than merely a nostalgic look backwards, there was an anticipation for the days ahead. ICCRS exists to serve the worldwide charismatic family and, having many Charismatic realities, celebrating together in one place was an expression of the Pastoral heart of ICCRS. There was also a clearly ecumenical focus, initiated by Pope Francis himself! Present on stage for the Saturday evening Pentecost Vigil event with Pope Francis were some of our Protestant brothers and sisters. It was a visual picture of the ICCRS commitment to Ecumenism. 
The Golden Jubilee was described as both an historic and prophetic moment as the Renewal gathered to seek the wisdom and the grace of God in order to live and work in a new season of Pentecost. Sadly, due to security concerns throughout Europe, Italian authorities did not grant visas to all our brothers and sisters. However, it is hoped to share with them through the written word and social media, the fruit of this amazing event.
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May 2017 - Voice of the Spirit

Parramatta CCR marked the 50th year of Catholic Charismatic Renewal with a highly successful Golden Jubilee Celebration weekend 17 - 19 February. Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv. was the main celebrant of the opening vigil Mass at the
Parramatta Cathedral on the Friday evening, 17 February.
The celebrations then moved to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Seven Hills, to continue the weekend’s events. The success of these celebrations was a credit to Gerard Marcelo and his Diocesan CCR Service Team, the Parramatta Prayer Groups and most especially to the Community of the Risen Lord who provided immense logistical support. The Liturgy and Praise and Worship were inspired and inspiring, as were the messages delivered by the three main speakers - Archbishop Christopher Prowse of
Canberra, Fr. Ken Barker of the Missionaries of God’s Love and Lalith Perera, Founder and Spiritual Director of the Community of the Risen Lord. Archbishop.........
To read more about the 50th year of Catholic Charismatic Renewal please download the May 2017 edition of Voice of Spirit
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Feb 2017 - The Voice of the Spirit


T his was the theme of the CCR Retreat held at St. Joseph’s Spirituality Centre, 25 - 27 January, and directed by Mr. Ulf Ekman together with his wife, Brigitta.

The aim of the Retreat being for each to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, Fr. Hugh Thomas CSsR, the NSW CCR Chaplain, began by encouraging each of the Retreatants to grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus, particularly through Eucharistic Adoration.

 Throughout the two days there was a high emphasis on silence avoiding, as much as possible, the tendency to socialize. Ulf himself pointed out that all forms of charismatic meetings and fellowships are important, but a Retreat is quite different and is a special call from God

 to move away from everything else for a while and just be with him. He encouraged all to “Open wide your doors for Christ”

To read more about the conference please download the Feb 2017 edition of Voice of Spirit

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Aug 2016 Voice Of Spirit



National Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference 2016
Signs & Wonders …… Embracing the Year of Mercy
Many people from across Australia gathered at St. Leo’s College, Brisbane,
July 1-3 for this 2016 National CCR Leaders’ Conference, “Embracing the Year of Mercy.”
In his homily at the opening Mass, Archbishop Mark Coleridge defined what was to become the recurring
message over the three days. “Mercy is a “doing” word, he said. .. “What I want is mercy, not sacrifice.” (Hosea 6:6) God wants action, the actual doing of mercy and so .....
To read more about the conference please download the Aug 2016 edition of Voice of Spirit
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